Deep Eddy Mural and Wanda Montemayor

Deep Eddy Mural and Mosiac

My friend and art therapist, Wanda Monteymayor, has worked long hours this past year to get ready to install this beautiful mural at Deep Eddy.

The group started this past weekend when I was out of town, but I plan to help Wanda with tile work this week. Even the Mayor Lee Leffingwell came out to help.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell at the Deep Eddy Mural

What is special for me personally is Deep Eddy was originally owned by my family (GG Grandfather), Charles Johnson, a Swedish immigrant who came to Austin seeking fortune and a better life. His original limestone home is located near the pool and initially a few of his children opened Deep Eddy as a swimming hole.
So if you have some time or inclination to help I know Wanda would welcome your talents or you if want to donate to the Friends of Deep Eddy, please do. Today Wanda is my hero.

Be well,


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