Boston MFA Dale Chihuly and my Boston visit



All I can really say is Wow. I visited friends in Boston this past weekend and stopped by the Dale Chihuly installation and exhibit, Through the Looking Glass, at the Boston MFA.

Chihuly is a glass artist with a huge shop and team in Washington state. He designs and installs large scale installations made solely of blown glass, most placed on metal armatures. None of the ojbects are lit, but when you are in their presence, you would think so. The scale of these pieces is remarkable.

Boston was great. The weather was cool and sometimes rainy, but I was able to enjoy lobster rolls, great chowder and smell Peonies. It does not get better than that. I have included a few other photos of my visit.

Vintage and Antique sewing machines in a retail window.

Peonies at the John and Abigail Adams home in Quincy, MA.

Blueberry bush in Milton, MA at the home of my friend parents.

It would not be Boston without afternoon tea.

Valerie at the George HW Bush , birth marker

My hostess Valerie was born and raised in the Boston area. I never knew til recently that George H.W. Bush, was born in her parents home on June 12, 1924. Here she is in front of the marker. I was there on June 11th!

Be well,


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